The lightest cordless drill/driver in its class GSR 14,4-2-LI Professional and GSR 18-2-LI Professional from Bosch

The new cordless drill/drivers GSR 14,4-2-LI Professional and GSR 18-2-LI Professional from Bosch are the lightest tools in their class. Including the battery, they weigh only 1.3 kg or 1.4 kg respectively. In addition, they are particularly compact, with an overall length of only 196 mm. This makes them ideal for working in tight spaces. The cordless drill/drivers are the perfect fit for your hand, with a super slim handle shape. Bosch has developed this design in response to professional users' interest in lighter, more convenient cordless drill/drivers. The new tools ensure that work can be carried out efficiently and with less effort, even overhead.

Broad range of applications

The motor and new two-speed planetary gearbox with metal gears are designed to allow the cordless drill/drivers handle a broad range of applications. Maximum screw diameters are 7 mm and 8 mm respectively and the maximum drilling diameters are between 25 and 29 mm respectively for wood and up to 10 mm for metal. Joiners can therefore use the tools for nearly all installation jobs in interior fitting work. The new cordless drill/drivers are also the ideal, compact tools for electricians and car mechanics.

Screwdriver bits or drill bits are rapidly clamped and replaced in the single-sleeve 10 mm "Autolock" keyless drill chuck. The drill/drivers have 15 torque settings, so the optimum torque can be selected for any screwdriving application. An LED lamp provides good lighting for the work area. Using the belt clip supplied, professional users can attach the tool comfortably to their belts or to a ladder, for example.

Flexible battery pack system

The energy for the drill/drivers is supplied by a premium lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1.3 Ah. Thanks to Bosch's unique "Flexible Power System“, the tool can also be operated with a 3.0 Ah premium lithium-ion battery – which comes in handy when a large number of screws is involved. Bosch supplies the cordless drill/drivers with a 45-minute charger as standard. With Bosch's "Hyper-Charge" technology, the batteries are charged to 75 percent after only half of the charge time.

Premium lithium-ion batteries offer long lifetime

The long lifetime of the premium battery is guaranteed by Bosch's Electronic Cell Protection (ECP). It reliably protects the battery against overload, overheating and total discharge. There is no memory effect and the batteries are fully ready for use, even if they have not been used for months.

Two packaging options: carton package and "L-boxx" case
The new cordless drill/drivers GSR 14,4-2-LI Professional and GSR 18-2-LI Professional are available as of September 2009 specialist retail outlets in two types of packaging. With the carton package the recommended retail prices are 179 euros or 199 euros respectively. The "L-boxx" – an extremely robust, stackable carrying case – is a new addition to Bosch. With this option, the recommended retail prices are 199 euros and 219 euros respectively.

Bosch is offering an attractive promotional set to accompany the launch of the new cordless drill/drivers. The set comprises a GSR 14,4-2-LI Professional in the L-boxx, with a second L-boxx containing a 77-piece accessory kit. The recommended retail price for the set is 229 euros. All prices are excluding VAT.

Source: Bosch site



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